e are Laura and Josep, a young couple that our family has always been made up of cats. We were very excited to have a dog, but we had doubts if it would get along with cats, so, after many years of dilemmas, we undertook the search for a breed of dog that would connect well with our cats.

The Rough Collie caught our attention quickly because of their elegant appearance, and as we learned more about the breed, we thought that it could be the perfect candidate that our family needed, so we went looking for it, and that was our beloved and spoiled Sir Lancelot. (Delfluvia The Great Gatsby) born in a small town in Girona and raised by our friend Josep Maria Cabaño (Delfluvia Kennel)

The first days with Sir Lancelot were as we had expected. With us it was everything you would expect from a dog: affectionate, playful and learned super fast! and with the cats, he knew how to respect their space and they were little by little making contact with him, until today they become inseparable!



            he Rough Collie was everytjing we expected from a dog. Sir Lancelot was very social with people and other dogs, when he saw a child, he becames crazy! He loved that they caressed and played with him. When we went to work, He knows how to stay calm at home, and when it was time to leave; He played, jumped, ran... On weekends we took him to the beach (in the coldest months when there were no people) or to the mountain, everything was good for him!

Six months later we decided to Bring a playmate for Sir Lancelot, and we found in Moscow (Russia) a collie that caugh our attention, and without hardly thinking about it, we went to Moscow to take Merlin (Fridens Stardust). From the first sight we had him in our arms, he stole our hearts, we will always grateful to his breeder Svetlana Novislavskaya (Fridens/Denfris Kennel) for giving us the chance to share our lifes with a collie that is not only really beautiful, it´s so especial for us.

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               ince then, the family has not stopping growing. Ana (Be First Amazing Love At Delfluvia) joined us when she was one year old, but she don´t take long time to adapt herself to our family life and to became Sir Lancelot and Merlin friend.

Sakura (Delfluvia Mononoke Princess) arrived a little over a year before, and she brings us a touch of spark to our lives, always ready to play and to be notice among the others. The family grows very fast, but, where to put the limit? We thinks we can have as many dogs as we can pay attention, so, we like to give all of they a personal attention, adapted to their characters and their individual needs. All of they are very special, and deserve our love and attention.


                     e celebrate Birthday parties too!!!


               ur day to day tour arround the dogs and cats, They are very important members from our family. We have always been a very restless couple, we love to travel and to do activities on weekends; our dogs have never limited us to do it, Totally the opposite, they have encouraged our desire to plan getaways, eighter to the beach or to the mountain, to go to the village or the big city. Always with they.

Trips that we used to do by plane, now we do by car, in this way, they can accompany us, and also, to make sure of they care.

There are no distances, no limits, if they aren´t with us, the travel it´s not the same.


                    e live in a house that have a big and beautiful garden, where dogs can play and spend they free time. However, we make daily walks to the mountain, so they can enjoy nature (smell new smells or interact with other dogs and animals) they love it! We make a long walks to get out of the monotony of day to day at home.

We also make outing once a week to the city (Barcelona or Granollers) for a better socialization, we expose them to diferents situations of daily for example, driving, the noise and fuss of the city, music festivals, etc ... So that since they are puppies get used to and adults are healthy dogs and mentally balanced.


            t home, we have a dog grooming space, where dogs are brushed after each trip to the mountain ( to remove twigs, plants, spikes etc... that been caugh in his hair.) They also have a bath maintenance. All our dogs are washed once a month, it is logical, they enter and leave inside haouse at pleasure, they get on the sofa and live with us. It soen´t matter if the hair is long or short, it should be like this all dogs that live inside a flat or in a house. In times of molt, the frequently of bathing is shortened, due two factors: The first is that with a instense brushing, and with the dryer help, you favor the lost of hair and prevent it from falling inside the house. The second is that a fresh bath relieves them a lot in heat seassons.


                  e usually go to Dog Shows throughout Europe, it is a good excuse to travel with our dogs and visit different cities. For a good breeder it is important to attend these events, since they measure the value of their dogs in relation to others. Getting good results is not as easy as it may seem at first sight, there are hundreds of dogs from breeders with many years of experience. The judges are specialists in breeds that judge and must adhere to the standard, even so, there is always a margin of interpretation and personal likes that ends up being the final determinant.

It´s also very important for breeders because you exchange opinions with other breeders, and this is always very positive to determinate the evolution of the breed.

Contrary to what many people think, NO! you don´t win money at beauty shows, or to get a champion, it is totally the opposite, it is a big economic expense to attend them!

Enroll the dog has a cost (variable depending the importance of the event) You have to add the transfers by car, and very often hotel nights when you go to an exhibition far from home.

We have been in dog shows since 2015, and we are great fans of them! we ae not bad! Little by little we are achieving great succeses!


            ur breeding plan is composed of three fundamental pillars: CHARACTER, HEALTH AND BEAUTY, all of them are equally important for us, so we only choose specimens that:

  • Be dogs with a balanced character, always with the typical characteristics of the race: affectionate, playful, social, a little distrustful of people who do not know, but very dedicated to the family.

  • Be genetically tested for all pathologies that affect the Rough Collie, always guaranteeing a healthy progeny in relation to these affectations, as well as copies free of hip dysplasia.

  • Comply with the standards of the breed, and be exemplary really exceptional within their breed aesthetically.

Laura y Josep, Little Hollywood Collies

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