The Rough Collie

Originally from the United Kingdom, The Rough Collie or Long Hair Collie, is a dog with a very elegant appearance and great expressiveness in his face, He is armonius and proportionate, but they aren´t only beautiful. A feature that catches the attention of his breed is his extraordinary expressiveness. They can uses a whole range of gestual and postural tricks to give an understanding of their mood, and accompanies them with a great variety of sounds, beyond the normal barking.

In fact, there are lot of people that consideet to have this breed because his joy, affection, tranquility and the peace they transmit, have a Rough Collie at home is an antidote to the stress and problems of modern day life.

Due to his great agility and flexibility, his enormous intelligence and his ability to learn and obey the instructions of his owner, the Rough Collie has become an ideal dog to participate in disciplines such as agility or obedience.

This breed is endowed with a very stable character, although some specimens sometimes show a marked tendency to excercise their old grazing function. This tendency can be translated into a obsession, that needs to drive everything that moves around them regardless like children, adults or other animals.

But in general, it maintains an excepcional behavior with other animals with children.

Altough at first sight it seems that their hair care requires many hours of work, But they have a rough coat that allows us to enjoy them in any environment, and when they return home, with a brief brushing, They are perfect again. todos los derechos reservados

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